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Need HELP!!!!! What should I do????


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Hi everyone!

My bf of almost 3 years ois 18 years older than me (I'm 33). He has a very bad temper - frequently hangs up on me in the middle of the conversation, yells, insults me.... I know, none of us are perfect...

Anyway, we had a talk 2 weeks ago about this and he promised to try not to do this any more and be more civilised and mature about this. A week later we were having a phone conversation and I asked him an innocent question - who did you have lunch with? - he got mad, accused me of interrogating him and ended the conversation. Next day he called me and complained of not feeling well the 2nd day in a row - I replied that it could have been something he ate the day before. He got mad again He started bringing up issues from before, accused me again of interrogating him instead of apologizing for interrogating him the day before, called me high maintenance and loved being miserable and hung up.... That was last Saturday. We haven't communicated in any way since..... I was pissed at first - I haven't done anything to apologize for!!! I haven't called him names, hung up on him, yelled, etc... But I feel so lonely and rejected, that I don't care about this any more.... At the same time, I realise that I would probably be better off without him since we have been having a lot of fights... I am all alone here - no friends or relatives... He was my only friend/lover... Usually, I am the one calling him first after the fights... But this time I don't know what to do any more... I don't want to be a doormat any more... Can he just forget about me just like that????

Thanks, everyone!!


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Thank you both for the replies! It's just really hard to let him and the relationship go... I can't sleep now, I am playing over in my head what he said - what I said, what he is doing now, who he is with... totally obsessing over him... I know this sounds really crazy... Thank you for being here!

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^That doesnt sound crazy - that unfortunately is what happens when we go through break ups


Been there done that - its not crazy....maybe just try to keep busy - go for a walk? Read a book? (I know - easier said then done)


Yes, keep your mind busy. It will definitely help.

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