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It's normal I know but...

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I know everyone has this and goes through this. But I am really struggling to get my head around this breakup today - well this week actually. We were so close, I could tell her everything and confide in her, and she did in me. We were best friends and I thought very close.


How can she just walk out like this and turn her back on this? I just can't get my head around the fact that I can't go home and tell her about my day and what the gossip is.


Is this part of the healing process or am I still on the way down here?

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Im 2 months and 3 weeks in and im still feeling the same. I knew i shouldnt but i had itchy fingers and went on facebook and jst seeing his name come up brings tears to my eyes. i feel so far away from him. im not moving forward when it comes to getting over my ex at all. i knew it would be hard and after 5 years it probably wont get easier anytime soon but sometimes i wish he would just tell me he doesnt love me. it would be easier and would be closure. Not that i want that, i want him back =(

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I felt like this many, many times and perhaps I will again one day. It is definitely normal to question and wonder. It's your mind and heart's way of getting through it. I know it doesn't make sense how they could just drop you and walk away.


Unfortunately there's no real cure to this feeling except to let yourself feel how you need to feel, but try to avoid pining or obsessing. One thing that helped me was asking myself questions and then giving my honest answer and writing it all down. It was a good way for my thoughts and feelings to find some kind of organization and get out in an effective way.


Also try reading this blog:

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Hope you get to feeling better and I'm very sorry for your loss.

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