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cat wont eat


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hello all. I just got a cat at the shelter yesterday, and when i first brought her home she ate some food out of a bowl I gave her. Today though, she won't eat anything, and she vomited up liquid on the kitchen floor... should I be worried? Should I just wait a couple days or go see a vet? is she just getting used to my home and maybe just under a bit of stress, so she wont eat? I dont know much about cats but I just want to make sure she'll be okay.. BTW I gave her the same food they had been feeding her at the shelter, some canned along with a dried mix.

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I would guess it's just the transition period, but I would be in touch with someone to be sure.


Maybe you could contact the shelter? I know the ones I've been to the people there really cared about how the animals are doing in their new homes and offer advice to new owners when they can.

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ya i do have lots of houseplants....



Chances are that the cat ate some of the plant. They naturally like to chew on greens. If she is not better by tomorrow you should call the vet. She may end up throwing up a leaf and then be ok.


If you like to keep plants in the house, you'll probably need to grow your cat some cat grass so that she will have some greens to chew and leave your stuff alone. It's very inexpensive and easy to grow.


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she won't eat anything, and she vomited up liquid on the kitchen floor...


I have never seen a cat throw up liquid due to stress. They may avoid eating if they are nervous, but throwing up liquid isn't standard.

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Haha, mmm kitty treats.... maybe this is her way of training you on how things are gonna be, rather than the other way around!


Seriously! she also throws a temper tantrum and starts scratching, biting and hissing when i stop petting her as if she were fighting for her life... silly kitty, she's lucky she's so adorable..

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Wow! Hissing even?!? I know what you mean about her being lucky she's so adorable.... I have one of those, a cat who is annoying as all heck, e.g., meows to go out, so I let her out, then she IMMEDIATELY turns around and sits there meowing to come in, let her in, she wants to go out, in and out in and out, and when I ignore her she'll sit there mewing to the point of almost growling, incessently. Drives me nuts! (not as bad as her peeing indoors occasionally -- very bad kitty) But she's freaking adorable, she's a runt, so very small and has a kitten face, like her face never developed into a mature cat face. Many people who've witnessed her behavior say the same thing "wow, she's lucky she's so cute!"

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