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So I'm wondering who here has been to a therapist and if you have....what are your opinions on going? Do you feel as if it helped you? Do you feel judged? Do you get to talk about what you want? Would you recommend it to others? I want to seek therapy for my many issues, but I'm not sure it would be what I am hoping for...

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It's like finding the right doctor. You'll have to find the counselor/therapist that's right for you.


I think it's always good to have counseling for an outsider to listen and try to understand your situation. You really don't need to worry about them judging you, after all they are there to list, understand and give their feedback.


I'd recommend it to anyone, whether it's for specific issues or trying to improve yourself.

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I've had some really good therapists and really bad therapists. The psychologist I saw when I was in university was excellent. She let me talk about whatever I wanted, and gave me a lot of really great advice for helping me feel better.


I also had one about a year or two ago that was great to talk to.


Then I had a couple that just kinda sat there listening with a blank expression on their face and didn't have much input and were waaaay too ... condescending, in my opinion.


So, in short, I think its a great idea to go see one but be prepared you may have to try a few out to find one thats a good fit for you.

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I've spoken to a psychiatrist and a social worker, does that count? I will have to say that it has helped me understand myself a little better even just talking to someone out loud, there's something about someone elses presence that helps me understand myself or think better.

putting a name to a condition or something you may have makes me feel better too, because it helps me realize i am not alone on a certain issue and I am somewhat normal. someone who has experience in the field in question can shed light on your situation which can help you figure out what decisions to make with yoruself, what you may need, not need, etc.

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Oh goodness. I struggled with a myriad of issues when I was younger: an eating disorder/ depression/ ocd, so my mom had me with tons of different therapists and psychatrists. Some were nice, some were crazy, some were mean, some were actually very helpful. It is all about finding the right fit. You really do have to "shop around". I reccommend setting up a consultaion with a few different people and see who you feel most comfortable with. Therapy with the right person can be life changing, you just have to be willing to go through the trial and error proccess and not get discouraged.

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