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So I'm assuming she's not interested


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There is this girl in one of my classes who I was talking to for awhile... I made it pretty obvious I was interested, but I have a feeling she just wants to be friends...


I don't know, she still kinda makes physical contact and stuff when we're talking, but today when she was telling me about her break she mentioned how she met a guy one night or something... she didn't really go into detail about it, but that definitely hurt hearing that. She also mentioned she went and saw a movie that I had invited her to the week before but she was busy the night I invited her to it. But she had initially said to me she didn't want to see the movie anyways.


I don't really know how to be able to tell, I feel like there still might be a chance she likes me... but if a girl mentions meeting another guy and she doesn't ever seem to be too enthusiastic about doing something when I invite her out (although I invited her somewhere on Friday and she said we should) then it means she probably isn't interested right?

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She probably just wanted to be friends. She really didn't sound too interested in you. Maybe you need to move on and if she happens to change heart down the road, then that possibility may become a reality. In the meantime, don't stop your life waiting on her.

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