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Can you ever REALLY get rid of your s/o's ex?

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Because i'm beginning to think it's impossible, at least for me. ](*,) And no, I don't mean when there are children involved, I mean when there aren't and it's been a LONG time.


How long is a LONG time? What kind of involvement does your other half have with his ex still?


I have been there VERY recently, but until I know more I cant really comment on your situation...

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Over a decade... He claims he doesn't talk to her anymore, just her dad, randomly, but I don't know if I believe that. she was on his facebook, but he deleted her. but I dont know if they still message each other or not. It's just, whether he randomly brings her up somehow or his family does, I can't go even a few weeks without hearing about her. It's just, WAY too frequent for my liking. She should be GONE. I mean hell, even when HE says he never wants her mentioned again, he still brings her up. Not in a, longing for her way, but, he was friends with her dad and they shared a cat. but, whatever. That shouldn't matter. It's like he knows too much recent stuff about her to just, never talk to her.

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You can't get rid of anyones ex without resorting to illegal measures - only they can make that decision.


If it's causing that much trouble, maybe you should look at why your partner isn't willing to stop seeing them for the sake of your relationship. Something that causes huge problems is eventually going to come down to one of you being unhappy because of how the other person feels - do you want that for the rest of your life?

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Being in a similar situation I can honestly tell you that, unles your S/O is willing to end any contact with his/her ex, it's not going to happen.


My S/O's ex moved 60 miles away (6 years ago), and, although our entire (rural) community hated her and she has NO family here, she continues to come back, text my S/O (and HE texts HER), and make life miserable.


I have to say, though, it sounds like your situation is understandable. I'm sure it's hard that your S/O has a relationship with the ex's Dad, but it sounds like it's harmless. And as far as the S/O knowing too much about what the ex is up to, maybe people just tell him. People have a tendency to do that, whether your S/O wants to hear it or not.


I am not a very trusting person (due to a lot of dishonesty in past relationships), but I do believe that your situation is perfectly innocent. Have you tried talking to your S/O about this? Communication is a must!!


Take care, and good luck!!

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