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2nd interview - welcome aboard

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Had an interview yesterday and 2 hours later the office manager called wanting me to return for the physician to interview me.

2nd interview today went well, very informal and I was told "welcome aboard". People seem great.. friendly atmosphere, flexible working hours can work 4 10's with Friday off, or work 5 days a week or just come in part time Friday.


Last year I felt anxious leaving my past employer. I badly needed a career change and always wanted to return to the medical field. My new employment is VERY rewarding. Small office, everyone with a LONG tenure. That says a lot. I felt homely comfortable feeling on my first interview there. Now the strange thing is, my orientation is at the main office, with a lady I interviewed with back in January for a office placement in her department. Small, small world. That will be an interesting orientation.


Never give up hope, follow your dreams. truly believe my prayers this week have been answered. So Happy, A new beginning

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At first, I thought the part about being called for an interview with a physician sounded a bit scary. Only then I realized that it was a job interview ;-)


But you are right - never give up hope and never stop following your dreams.


And congrats by the way. In these trying times on the job market, it must feel very good to be you right now. Enjoy!

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