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I think I feel better

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It's been a year since my ex dumped me.


I've found a new girlfriend, and not a rebound either.


One of my friends who talked about me behind my back and started talking behind my back, anyway, I found out today that he thought my new girlfriend was someone I made up on facebook, he was skeptical. Apparently, him and my ex have been talking about it or something.


How does my ex know I have a new girlfriend? Why would someone tell her that too? I don't understand, I honestly thought she didn't care about my existence or anything anymore.


She has a new boyfriend too, and apparently he's ugly, that's what a lot of people say, but I think he looks alright.


I know I shouldn't bother about this, but at the same time though, I feel good knowing she could be jealous or hates me. And I know if I ever got the chance to take her back, I think it would the wrong choice and I think this helps me get over her.


As for my "friend", I think he's possibly jealous of me. That's what I want too. I want him to look at me and wish his life was like mine. I'm only saying this cause I feel pretty spiteful.


Really though, I tried to disappear or stay low on people's radars, so her finding out, that's pretty surprising. I only know this cause today was St Patty's day and my close friend told me this stuff, though I've heard from others as well, to like warn me or let me know or something.

Though I don't like to be a topic for gossip or speculation. Might be a good thing though, I'm a lot more mysterious, and for them to do those things, kind of low of them.

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The friend who was talking crap on you isn't your friend, because real friends don't do that.


And who cares if your ex knows? I'm sorry, but if she's mad or jealous or whatever about it, that's just too damn bad. Enjoy your new girlfriend and leave the ex alone.

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