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I am not sure if this is where this should go or not so if not then I apologize. I feel though as if my mind is just gone. I feel like my spirit has left my body.


I have never been religious because it seems like every time I start believing in anything then I just get crushed. I feel so lost with my life and lately I feel like I just want to cry but I don't actually know why. I feel like the higher power that controls everything is trying to tell me something but in a language that I don't even know. I have been to like 10 different churches and the entire time I am in there I just feel alien. I can't sit still in it and it makes me nervous like I shouldn't be there.


My memory use to be really good and now I just feel like everything has escaped. I have to write things down now or I will forget it and I use to be able to remember numbers and lists for months after. I get headaches more frequently now but it isn't something medically wrong but something else. I just don't know what else to do any more. I am a very positive person and I still think things will work out all the time but it just seems like things never do. I don't think I am depressed. I just feel wrong.

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Just because different religions and churches don't suit you doesn't mean that you can't believe and be spiritual on your own. Prior to focusing on that though I'd be concerned about my mental well being. Have you seen a therapist, psychiatrist or a psychologist about this problem? Perhaps you have a temporary imbalance in your brain (derpession or similar) that needs to be treated by communication with a therapist or medication. Just some ideas for you.

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I do believe in a higher power I am just not sure what exactly that is. I think it is just since high school every time I am close to getting out on my own and getting to really grow up then it just fails. Just recently I tried to get into a trade school that said it was having a hard time just getting students. I got a 90 on the entrance test which is very good but now they are apparently so full that I can't get in for months. It just feels like something is against me. I know a lot of people will just say it happens but since high school things like this keep happening.


Over the past 6 years everything has failed for me with the exception of finding my girlfriend. I would do therapy or something but I can't afford anything like that so I am stuck with dealing with it myself. I don't think the memory thing is anything chemically wrong just mental like a block I can't seem to break through.

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I think that your brain is focusing too much on the negative and that stops you from always seeing the positive. This is something we often learn to do by engaging in negative self talk. Or, some people might be genetically more likely to be the "glass is half empty" type.


The good news is that there is a form of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that can help with distorted or negative thinking. Perhaps you could do some research on the internet or at a library and find a book to read about it.

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I think everyone who is a human being feels lost' or/and 'dead' sometimes inside....i've been feeling so recently...but i know that the next day i will be feeling good and indeed the next day i feel its a new day and a new me....i dont know how old are you ... but anyway ...let me tell u that from my experience it feels so good to 'let' your mind even for some moments and move out of it ...JUST BE....i think u need to RELAX and CALM DOWN....the rest will be clear to you soon....

best wishes

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I am always surprisingly calm most of the time even when I need to be sad or angered. I kind of have to be because most of my family over react to everything. I am normally the only calm and rational one. That is why this is messing with me so much I think. But I think I know why I feel lost and that is just because here I thought things were about to start really taking off in my life and I got myself excited to the idea of having a career soon. Then it just came crashing down as always. I think I just really want things to start working out for me but it just seems like more and more of an uphill battle.


I also feel like I am suppose to do something from some higher power who ever it is that controls everything wants me to do something. Problem is I have no idea what it is. I think I am suppose to go to a school soon but I don't know exactly what for. Because school feels right but apparently I have to figure out what myself. Which I keep trying to do but said higher power doesn't seem to want to help me narrow down what I am suppose to do. Just keeps saying nope not it.


I know I want to be religious but the biggest problem for me is finding which one is me. I have always felt so alien though with many of the religious gatherings I have been to. I just feel most of the main stream ones are just the same exact thing but with a different name to their god. I know maybe I will be able to hear what I am suppose to do if I could just figure out who was talking to me so to speak. Does that make sense?

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I think that when a person has a certain problem , he will be able to 'solve' it himself by time,which means you are the only one who knows better of your current feelings,thoughts and its effects on your mind , body and soul.

Just be careful to 'see' if these are of your own creations or it is something 'real' in all this. I m not telling you are wired or crazy , please understand , but im telling that you are thinking too much about this 'job' the higher power wants you to do. If there is something you are asked to do from IT , you will come to now the right time , just dont push yourself so hard to 'discover' whats that...you will come to know.At least you feel aware that there is a certan thing.


Regarding to being religious or not...i dont know what you mean by religious...you need a place so a church to follow God, or you need to get closer to God and trust HIM? Im asking this questionbecause i've been a member of a christian-mormon church for 7 years.I quit last year going there for my personal reasons and one of them was that i wanted to find GOD alone and myself. I didnt believe what i was preached some of the 'laws' there ...i was told often that God rewards and loves you when you do what HE SAYS and keep his 'comandmants" ...in other words GOD loves you conditionally....but i discovered another truth....on my own...GOD LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM , GOD LOVES ME VERY MUCH AND UNCONDITIONALLY AND HE LOVES EVERY SINGLE PERSON THE SAME.

What im saying here is that i dont know what are you looking for, being a religious and trusting GOD are two different things. I mean not every religion or religios perosn is supposed to be as he preach . I mean every single person finds his own path the one where he feels good and true , where he feels true peace and knows that GOD is always there.Trust me, GOD WANTS YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE TO BE HAPPY..he dosnt force you to do things , he gives your free choise...so YOU CHOSE WHATS BEST FOR YOU.


Be careful dont take for granted every words preached at those churches you have gone ..



Take care and best wishes

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For being religious I feel like God or what ever name the higher power goes by is trying to talk to me but I just don't understand. I feel as if there is something I am suppose to do soon and it keeps pushing me but not in any real one direction but many. I don't believe in churches because I hate it when people tell me the same as why you quit that God only wants me if I do exactly what they say. Besides I also know through history many of the religious texts have been changed or parts were taken out so I am skeptical on a book. I keep trying to find religion on my own but I just need help focusing on what is being said to me.


I don't want to go to church but to really find away to listen if that makes sense. I hear what is being said but I don't understand what is said. Kind of like going to a country that speaks a different language you know they are telling you something but it makes no sense to you what so ever.

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