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I still think about my EX-BF and its been a year

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its been almost a year this coming may since the last time i talked/saw him. We didnt end up in good terms. No cheating happened. No closure either. None of us had the guts to say "we're done with each other".


We've been together for almost 3.5 years.. I was there for him through thick and thin. I supported him all the way. I really gave this guy MY ALL and at the end Nothng was really given back to me in return.


I feel so bad because its been almost a year and I still miss him. I hate myself for that. I have so mnay friends and family members that cares and loves me. But why do i still feel miserable deep inside. I've changed soo much. I kept myslef busy and even left the country for 6 months to forget about him and now im BACK. Every single day theres always something that reminds me of him. I see his FIRST name then a couple hours his LAST name and all that other stuff.


Well, I did actually email him 3.5 months later after our break. We exchanged 6 emails. I apologized for acting so childish and told him im probably the least person he wants to talk since our break up. He did respond the day after and always reply right around about the same time. I was so happy. Even though he only asked me 2 questions. After the 6th email, 2 days later after my reply to him in a normal conversation. He all of a sudden told me not to email him anymore because he has a girlfriend already. I was in complete shock because I never ever thought in my life that the guy i love so much would do this to me. I could not believe after all the things I have done for him. It only took him 1 to 3.5 months to find another gurl. My guy friend advice me not to email him back anymore. So, i didnt. How can he just move on just like that? I havent heard from him since. I am so close to his family. I just cant imagine the new girl he now introduced to his family. Im still hurting alot.

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Im sorry you are going through this, but I would suggest you just try and forget about this guy, he has forgotten about you it seems.

Its not clear why you guys broke up, but what is clear is you say you gave it your all and got nothing back so why continue to pine for somebody like that?


Sure you love the guy and all, but its a 2 way street, remember that when your sad.


All the best

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