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what do guys think..?


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so there's this person i know....

and she was sharing a story about her highschool experience over 10 years ago.


the most vivid thing she remembers is a guy telling her..

"Wow, you have a beautiful face... too bad your body doesn't follow."


o.o first off, how RUDE.



anyway, another friend recently told me that she'd rather have a pretty face and a chunky or extra skinny body over a slamming body and a yucky face.


what's more important to a man?

a perfect 10, body wise....and a...not so pleasant face.


or an amazingly cute face and an.......ok body?


i'd like to know

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Not all guys look at a woman like a piece of meat. What's important to "a man" makes it seem like you are looking for a universal answer.


But personally, I notice a woman's face before everything else... but don't we usually notice people's faces first?

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If I had a choice like that to make, based on the way you put it, it would be impossible for me to decide on that basis alone. The personality's gotta enter into the equation for me to decide how attracted I am. Just on the info you've given, it could go either way, really. Too tough to call.

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This is not encouraging to the chunky people out there if guys really do think that body is more important than anything else.


Well, I disagree with body being more important... HOWEVER...


If anyone believes that body is more important - male or female - the only people who should feel discouraged are the chunky people without the motivation to do something about it.


Yes yes, some people are born chunky I get it. Genetics has a role to play but it is never 100% hereditary. Some people just have to work harder and have more determination to change their body type. It sucks but its possible.

Also, I had my own bout with obesity and genetics was not my ally.


That being said... I still prefer naturally pretty face - down with make up! \\

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Well I guess it would depend on how thin as well. I mean there are so many different variables. Some super thin people look sickly. Some chunky people are more athletic and in better health then thin people. whatever the case may be. I know, in a perfect world, we would love to look past all that stuff.


Pretty face i think would be more important if i were a guy over a body. Peoples bodies change all the time. At least if they are chunky or whatever they could lose the weight but not much is going to change an ugly face.


I dunno....just shooting off from the mouth here, haha.

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