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What if my feelings changed?!


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Hey all,


Probably been a year and half since I posted here or so... was happy in love for awhile but it ended and now i'm back..


Okay so my last relationship ended at the beginning of December... She left me for another guy, and to help cope with it and 're-build my ego' some, she suggested I join an online dating site to see that there are still girls out there who are kind and caring and they won't all just guys and leave them.


Almost immediately I started talking to one girl in particular. It was great, We got along great and it moved along quickly. Then one day she started questioning her feelings and kinda slammed the brakes on everything.


She had the "great idea" (I use the term losely) that the best way to gauge her feelings for me was to find another guy she liked and see how we stack up.


Well after that idea.... it was obvious to me and the others around us that she was leaning more towards the other guy, so I started moving on and started talking to someone else and have grown pretty close to her.


Recently the first girl decided she wanted to return to pursuing a relationship with me. I still like her... but... I think my feelings for the 2nd girl are stronger then my feelings for the first.


I don't know what to do, Girl #1 recently bought a plane ticket to fly half way accross the country to come see me and try to make things work. There's a good chance maybe something could... but... I feel so lost and confused on how to approach both girls. I felt my potential relationship with #1 had come to an end... I didn't expect to be in the middle of this.


I feel bad for girl #2 cause here comes another girl from my past she knows I still have feelings for to try and seduce me... But I also feel like I can't and shouldn't tell #1 not to come because she spent a lot of money to do it.. and the 2nd girl has made it clear she doesn't want it to be exclusive yet because of our distance from each other.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Ya... I'd go with girl #2 as well... I feel as if girl #1 was playing games with you with her "let me see how you stack up to this guy" thing she had going on when she left you. She didn't consider your feelings then, and I don't think you should consider her feelings now. I'm not very forgiving when it comes to relationships... so sorry, her saying she was "gauging her feelings" for you doesn't earn any sympathy from me. She knew what she was doing, and that was hurting someone else with her little "experiment"... (and I use that term loosely...)

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