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Tomorrow is the Day

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I've decided to join a gym and get my fat butt back into shape. I'm going to begin working out like I used back before I had kids nearly every day 1-2 hours. And I'm starting off with a 7 day pass so I can find out how much it costs and stuff like that. I finally paid off my tax debt and will use that money towards a gym membership, since I'm not used to having that $100 for the last two years it makes sense.


Okay so I tried a diet pill and have become light sensitive so either it's the pill or my eye infection is back. Either way I stopped the pill. I may supplement with Alli, since it's FDA approved instead of the one I was using Slimquick. But I'll just have to see how it goes, I lost weight without pills in the past I'm sure if I put my mind to it I can do it again.


Tomorrow afternoon is the start of a new me. I won't share what I weigh but I need to lose a minimum of 50 lbs. and would like to lose more. How about some work out tips. I prefer nautilus because I see improvements in the amount of weight I can life, it's a mini motivator. But I know cardio is recommended. The other motivator is muscle burns fat and I want to build up my muscle.


Well wish me luck. I feel really good about this.

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Okay maybe I'll start off a little slower, workout with weights one day, swim the next, work out weights, swim, etc. That way I'm not totally overdoing it. Swimming doesn't burn much for me, probably not active enough, but it's fun.

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Once you get more advance into your workout I strongly recommend interval workouts. link removed I've started to do this and it really made me sweat : ) And good luck with your workout. I started getting serious with my weight loss goal sometime in January and I already fit wayyy better in some pants that were so tight I couldn't pull them up all the way lol Still a little tight around the stomach but it's progress. Hope that inspires you!


found something for begginers link removed

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