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Did he like me or am I over analyzing?


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So, I once had a crush on this tutour. I constantly thought that he liked me back but I'm pretty sure it's wishful thinking..what do you think?


1. The first day I saw him, he smiled at me and told me he was a tutour and if I needed help to ask him and I didn't hear him say anything like this to anybody else.


2. When ever I raised my hand he was the first person to come to me and unlike the rest of the tutours he gave me words of encouragement instead or just showing me how to do the problem. It made me feel kinda special. I'm not sure if he did the same to other people.


3. When I became discourage over getting a problem wrong he told me "It's ok honey"


I don't know if he was just being extra nice, was it a cultural thing(he's from the Ukraine), or is it just wishful thinking since he does have a fiance..I don't have a lot of pleasant experiences with the opposite sex so he made me feel a little bit better about myself. Too bad I don't see him around anymore : (

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Aw, it's so easy to get crushes on your tutors/teachers. I would know, hahaha. But I really think it's just wishful thinking. It's so easy to get suckered into thinking he's into you because he's focusing on YOU and giving you all these encouragement and attention, but it's because he's a good teacher. That's what good teachers do, encourage and form personal relationships with their students.

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