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mom not listening?


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Hey. I'm starting to get into the groove of my barista/sandwich maker job, after about a week and a half of working. It's part time, I've worked a little over 40 hours, but I'm pretty tired, seeing as I'm on my feet all day, running around and making sure that I've got happy customers.


When I come home, all I want to do is just relax and not have to talk or do anything. Though I'm female, I tend to be introverted, like my alone time, and don't like to talk very much if I don't have to. But my mom totally opposite, and bugs the heck out of me, wanting to know how work went, and "it was good" won't satisfy her. She wants to know every irrelevant, freaking detail of my day. Plus she expects me to cook dinner every night. I have been cooking previously when I didn't have a job because obviously I had nothing better to do, and wanted to. But now I just want to keep my feet up. But she just doesn't get it.


She absolutely will NOT leave me alone. I'm going crazy! I'm so annoyed.

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