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i have been experiencing these random leg pains.. more like, muscles and tendon pains.. it's like a piercing that comes and goes but stays long enough to irritate the heck out of me.

I've been waring those arched foot pad things for a while now, no results.

it's not my diet, i eat healthy.. take vitamins and drink loads of water and milk.

i went to the doctor and they gave me a blood test... nothing.


WHAT could it be?

HOW can i ease, better yet.. releave the ache?


is it bad blood circulation? i am getting vains on my legs..but that's hereditary and my mom never complains about hers hurting..



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not flexible AT ALL, any more...

well if i sit straddled i cant touch my left foot ^_^

and it is a bit arched, def. not flat


If your thighs and also calves are stiff, it could cause a pain you speak of. My calves were very tight from riding my bicycle a lot that it started to bother the bottom of my feet. Often times that's how people get plantar fascitis including improper foot wear or walking on concrete all the time.


If I were you I'd go see a foot specialist and if not physical therapist, they should be able to tell you more or give you an idea.

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Well whether you work out or not if the muscles aren't flexible it will have the tendency to pull on things. My lower back injury came from that. Leg pains though could come from anything, it could be an imbalance in your spine, different food lengths, your posture and many things to consider.


Personally I'd go see a PT first. They were the only ones that were able to pinpoint my back and leg pains. Chiropractors and doctors couldn't tell me much even after X-Ray's and blood tests.

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i'm only 18! this is why i freak out, because my mother who is in her mid 50's has only begun to suffer from minor aches o_0


and i don't even work out, so it can't be stiff muscles D: i have jiggly thighs lol

could it be from LACK of exercise?


Possibly. I started getting aches and pains in my mid to late 20s and found that excercise really helped tp get rid of most of them.


Again though, best to ask a doctor to check you over just to be sure. It could be something more serious like a blood clot, which could ultimately either cost you your leg or give you a heart attack. I don't mean to out the frighteners up you, but I think a doctor's visit would be sensible.

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