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HELP! I think I have gone Boy Crazy :S

Just Me85

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Okay so Ive been single now for about 7 months, most of your probably remember my breakdowns on here and all the complicated nitty gritty details I subjected you to, Thankyou so much for that by the way.


So yeah, it's been 7 months and Im really starting to scare myself. I miss being in a relationship but at the same time I dont want to be in one for the sake of it and want to wait for Mr Right.


Thing is, I think Ive gone boy crazy. Its like all of a sudden I just fancy everyone and imagine some kind of "connection", yet whenever the feeling is reciprocated or something progresses slightly I lose interest, or start to like someone else! This has never happened to me before. I suppose its just innocent fun Im not hurting anyone and Its all in my head, for example I will like someone, they will ask me out on a date or I will hang out with them for a little while but then Ill get bored and back right off.


Is it possible to get addicted to the rush of knowing people are attracted to you, addicted to the attention? Its like Im always waiting for something better to come along, and then that tells me I cant have really liked the person I had been crushing on so I dont pursue it further.


Dont get me wrong, like I said its innocent, Im not leading these men along in any way.


What is wrong with me? I know I dont need to be in a relationship and I dont want one unless I happen to meet someone by chance and it feels right.


Is this normal??!

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I think that after the breakdown of any romantic relationship we all require some form of validation. We need to know that we're still attractive, loveable and interesting. There's really no set time limit for how long healing lasts as it's different for everyone.


As long as you're not hurting or manipulating people along the way I don't see anything wrong with the place you're in right now. When your heart knows it's completely healed, you'll meet someone that you don't lose interest in so quickly. This just may be your heart and your head's way to telling you that you're not ready yet.

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