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Setting Goals: 43Things.com

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I just wanted to pass on an interesting website I found: link removed


You make a list of 43 things (or however many you want) that you want to do in your life. It can be as simple as getting a haircut, learning basketball, publishing a novel, or getting over your ex.


The way it works is that you are linked with others who have the same goals. You can keep track of your progress together and read how other people met goals, share resources, etc.


Off topic---when I registered, all of a sudden it said "People you may know: my ex's name!" I thought OMFG...why is my ex's picture popping up and no one else's? We're not even friends anymore. It tripped me OUT. Does anyone know why that happens when we aren't even Facebook friends? It made me wonder if he posted something about me!


Anyway, back on topic. Please check it out. If you do, we can buddy up and I'll let you know my info. so we can encourage each other.

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Very addicting. I have 18 things so far. Unfortunately, a good number of them involve "insert action here about or in regard to ex", including "make my ex jealous", "make my ex want me back" -- not that I'd take him. I just want him to want me back so he knows how it feels. Bitter? Hell, yes! It's my middle name!

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