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How to let them know you dont want to be serious

i miss her 2

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Ok, so I got out of a 4 year relationship a few months ago and now I'm gonna go ahead and start dating. I honestly dont have alot of dating experience. My ex was really my first and only serious relationship and we moved very fast.


I'm going on a "date" with this musician girl tomorrow who opens for my band quite a bit. I asked her out cause she approached me a week ago and honestly I find her attractive but she isnt the my "type". I do wanna get to know her though and I have been told to date because I need to put myself out there. So how should I act or what should I do to let her know that I don't want to get serious.


One reason I dont want to is because I have noticed a lot of very attractive girls coming to our shows lately and I eventually wanna start getting to know them because they are more my "type" atleast on a physical level. I just think if me and tihs other girl become an item it would be hard to do that!

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I don't think you have to say anything, unless it seems like she wants something serious. The whole point of dating is getting to know the person. One date doesn't mean you become an item... I think generally people go on a number of dates before talking about exclusivity.

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If it starts getting serious then you need to mention it, but if it's one date to see how you feel then it doesn't need to come up. She might not want to take it any further after that either


Just be open to anything happening. When I met my current boyfriend I was still in the 'nothing serious' frame of mind as well, but we just clicked. If I'd avoided him just to keep looking then I'd have missed out on something great. Do a bit of looking by all means, but don't shut yourself down, just in case

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It's considered good manners for the man to offer to pay on a first date, yes. You might have your own ideas about that, some people think it's outdated, but expecting her to pay on the first date is more likely to give her a bad impression than offering to pay or at the very least, splitting the bill.


Affection-wise, take your cues from her. Obviously you can't be as offhand with it as you would be with a long-term girlfriend, but you still do things like hold her hand, or touch her sometimes without it being out of line - just watch her body language and try to observe if she's open to it or not.

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