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Get out of my head!


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I won't go into the fine details here but I need to get some advice on something that's driving me nuts.


There's this amazing girl I met about a month ago that I can't have (because she's not single, but apparently she wants to break up with her bf) but I can't seem to purge the thought of her from my mind. Yeah yeah, you can say there are plenty of fish in the sea so you'll find another girl easily, but that's not true. I've tried to go on dates to get my mind off it -- in fact I have one tonight that I'm NOT looking forward to -- but nothing works. I look at another girl and all I think is "DAMN, why can't it be her?". I simply don't have any interest in any other girls now.


So please, someone tell me, how do you get a girl that you want so bad but can't have out of your head? You know, aside from getting stupid-drunk which may only help for a few hours at most. I don't want to get her out of my head but I have to. I would want nothing more than to be with her, but that doesn't seem like it's gonna happen.. Sigh....

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Welcome to life!!! (or maybe it's just my life) But in my situation, I actually DID get the girl!!!! ...eventually

Big happy?....nope, she wasn't worth the considerable effort. I was blinded by love.


Well sure, I guess it's not guaranteed to work out no matter what but I'm the kind of guy who will try just so I know, but in this situation I can't even try because she's not available. Sure I could wait out their relationship but the problem is, to be able to grab her when she becomes single (cos she's hot and awesome, she won't be single long) means being in constant contact with her, and being in constant contact with someone for a good period of time means landing in the friend zone, which once a guy is in, it's nearly impossible to get out.


Arg, why does life have to be so complicated?

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