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The Dagless Sketch Book


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Welcome to my sketch book. Here I'm going to post some of my drawings, paintings and some photographs as well. I am also going to post all my poems on here from now on too. That way they will all be in one place and it will be easier for people to see if I've posted new ones.


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Very nice artwork ! Especially the bountyhunter. The guy in the middle has something strange about his leftarm but it's all well drawed !


Do you have more in your sketchbook ?


Thanks Tarkan. I'd be lying if I said I was happy with the David Beckham picture, if I was drawing it now I don't think I would have gone with the whole smudge thing. It's a drawing from a photo, cut out of a news paper and I've lost it so I can't go back and have a look at what was going on with his arms. I know He had them above his head, clapping the crown, so maybe that is what is making it look a little strange.


There are more drawings on the way. Stay tuned.

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I opened my heart only to find a maze

of feeling tied to love in

painful ways.


Do you believe in free will like me?

Or are we locked

in our own destiny?


And how I wish I was a million miles away

but a million ties means

I'll probably just stay


I'll try not to care for you too much

because it feels like love

and that's something I can't touch


It's easy to get lost in that maze

And how i rush in so easily

these days.

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I went to art college but I didn't do much drawing there really. My style changed a little during that time but it's kind of gone back to how I used to draw when I was 16.


I need to find time to finish that Joker off. I haven't touched it since I took that picture.

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I hope I finish it too ToV, I just seem too busy or too tired to work on it these days.


The way you see it is how it is meant to be viewed, he's kind of hunched over and looking over his shoulder, although the angle may be a little distorted because I've had to take a pic with a digital camera. I will scan it in when it is finished.

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