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Her ex is a leech


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My fiancé and I now own a home together and we get on like most couples, we have issues but usually we can talk them through and come up with a way forward. This however continues to be a persistent problem...


Her ex husband is now dating and their son plays travel soccer. K and I end up looking after there 7 year old continually, maybe getting a break one evening over the weekend however she’s dropped of first thing the next morning so that they can go to the soccer game.


I’m getting really frustrated that when he pick them up or drops them off its always a 1/2 hour event, this guy even started coming in and helping himself to leftover dinner. In fact one night when they were leaving for soccer last week as he was going out of the door he shouts accross the kitchen “I want some of that when I get back!"


All this on the back of a Jovial poverty story about how he only has $1.13 left to last him to payday as he’s going through the fridge or taking snack with him from our pantry to give the kids for school the next day


Needless to say this pi$$ing me off no end. She just wants the kids to see us all getting along which is fine with me. I have told her to tell him the "Soup kitchen" is now closed at our house and not to "expect" anything in future. She’s said nothing ( shes passive towards him) so I guess its up to me..


Don’t get me wrong He could come around have birthday cake with the kids or other special times in the year, when invited. However I just feel like he is continually invading our home and has now out stayed his welcome.


I have given this a lot of though, we have tried to address similar problems in the past. Its got to the point that " If I think he is going to be at the house when I get home.... I am avoiding going home!!!" freeking crazy. I think I getting to the point now, where I know that I dont want this in my life. Either it gets resolved or I figure out how to move on

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