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I need help


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So i need help with a problem i have. This girl I have been dating for four months now are doing great we are liek 100% SURE we are perfect for each other and I have never met a girl that is so perfect for me either. Lately this month though, I've been getting more jealous and protective like ill see her with a guy and question her and then the littliet thing she says or do that shows a sign of her not loving me as much anymore like usually shell want me to stay after with her after school but now and again shell be like its okay i dont want u to do that since u gotta walk home and ill think does she still love me and ill get into a long not really an argument but talk with her and we'll both be sad for like whole convo until end we just make up and promise to improve and be better at what we not good at. Now today i havent seen her in like a week which is longest i havent seen her for now and well its like she dindt even act girlfriendy at all it didnt seem like she was my girlfriend if some random person were watching the would never guess.. I try holding her hand and it only lasts liek three seconds before she starts walking faster and talking bout something else then like if i bring my body closer to hers shell kinda step bak and tease me but she keeps doing it to much so i dont know if its just an excuse to tease me when she really dont wanna be so close to me.. then she had a guy friend she asked to give her a ride home since i didnt have my car cuz he was only one who lived in ehr neighborhood and couldnt give her a ride so his mom gave her a ride and i dont know i got a little jealous but they barely know each other so im over reacting.. well i dont know if i should talk to her bout how i feel bout her takingh er hands away and me thinking she dont wanna be close to me or just not telling her and letting it slide. Seee if i tell her we might get ino a convo again when we both sad and mopey and i dont want that i dont want to make her feel bad or anything anymore i dont want any of that i just want it to be like before when we never argued and were never sad but then if i dont tell her it might bug me for awhile... i dont know should i tell her or just let it slide..? cuz it'll bug mee for awhile

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She won't let you hold her hand or get close to her? That's not "teasing," that's simply losing interest...IMO.


I would definitely talk to her about it. If I was in your position, I'd wonder why she wasn't wanting to be as close to me, while simultaneously spending time with other guys. Doesn't sound right to me.

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