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Just... an interesting situation


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I don't even know if this belongs in Dating, since we haven't dated yet, but there's a plan to...


Let me explain.


Saw a lovely girl on POF, checked her profile. I didn't expect to be interested, since she was rather too pretty for me (not that I thought she would be unintelligent), but she was quite accomplished in several fields and well-spoken on her profile. She seemed to have it together, yet was single her whole life, no divorce, and a couple years older than I.


I figured what the hell, she's online right now, I'll message her and see what happens. I'll just be funny, see if I can get a laugh at least.


I email saying basically that I know why she's single - she's clearly a black widow killer that eats her mates. I couldn't think of anything else to explain why she was single, and that I was onto her and would be alerting the authorities.


Fortunately she has a sense of humor, and wrote back, saying it cracked her up, etc. We went back and forth a few emails, and I decided to strike while the iron was hot.


I asked for her number.




Or so I thought. A day or two later I messaged back saying that while we had a great little conversation, her silence was deafening as far as a signal, and good luck to her.


She wrote back saying she didn't know what I meant, she gave me her number.




I asked again for it, being as funny about my faux-pas as possible, and she gave it again, got hat email a day later. She had thought I was being a tease by not calling her!


So we've been talking a bit, had a couple long conversations, and are supposed to meet for drinks. She's been sick, though (I can clearly hear the coughing and tone in her voice, she's not lying), and has had to bail out the other day.


I told her the next day if she didn't want to meet then she didn't have to, just tell me up front, but she says that's not the case. We didn't talk long, as she was feeling worse, then texted me later in the evening saying her sister was taking her to the hospital. I told her to take it easy, and let me know how she was doing, she said Thanks.


I got a call about 11pm last night from her, but then it hung up quickly. I wrote back asking What's the story? but didn't hear anything. It may have been an accidental call? She thought twice about calling so late?


We've already spoken about our dislike of the dating game, and how we would just be honest and up-front and not play games, and she seems mature enough to stick to her word.


I just have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like we won't meet, or she's leading me on, or I'm just fun to talk to, or whatever. I don't know if that's just my own insecurities or if I should really just forget this idea.


I dunno. Just an odd situation. Just had to get it out there.

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I wouldn't stress to much over her at this point. It's clear that you are interested in her but if you keep your hopes and expectations to a minimum you can only benefit from pleasant surprises rather than let downs. For now, I would give her the benefit of the doubt but if she dodges you for another week I'd just cut off contact. If someone can't organize themselves enough to meet you for a first date within a few weeks then you can only imagine a relationship with them may be unstable. Hope it works out for you though. Keep the forum updated on what happens.

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