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i am transgendered. i have the anatomy of a girl but in truth i am a boy. i wouldnt argue with me thinking this about myself becuz unless ur transgendered you have no idea what im feeling. anyways i was reading about transgenderness online and it said it was ppl who have gender identity disorder. this rly bothers me. i have no disorder. becuz i was born with the wrong parts, not by choice, its my fault? am i the one with a disorder becuz, someone "upstairs" decided to make me wrong? its my disorder? no its not. i am extremely offended by this statement. theres nothing wrong with feeling different than what im stuck with. i am no way sick (disorder) becuz i am a boy and have the anatomy of a girl. any other trangender ppl feel the same way?

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The reason it is called a 'disorder' within the medical community is because transgenderism is something that often needs to be 're-aligned'. It's not an illness by any means, but it is a situation that often needs to be 'corrected'. Corrected by giving you the sex that matches your gender, through medical treatment and/or surgery.


Notice that I say 'often', but not 'always'. This is because not all transgendered individuals want gender reassignment treatment. Some will gladly identify as 'transgender', both male and female, and do not feel the need to physically alter their sex. Many, however, do want to live in a body that matches their gender, and they want so very much.


I somewhat agree that the word 'disorder' may give some people the wrong idea. But please bear in mind that this term is primarily used within the medical community (sociologically and culturally, we tend to use the terms transsexual and transgendered far more often).


And you are 100 percent correct in stating out loud that you are absolutely not sick.


Good luck on your journey. I wish you all the best.

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