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How to tell in advance if you'll get burned?


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Are there any clues in which I can tell it's the right woman? My current status is single but when the time comes, I will start dating again. This time I'll be careful not to open myself nor trust her too much.

Is there a way to tell when a woman will lie and/or cheat on you? Are there some signs in advance?


I would not want to harvest all my effort into the next future relationship or come close to proposing while getting made a fool once again. Lastly now I feel it'll be probably a long while before I ever feel like proposing.

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The very nature of relationships is that there is pain involved. Even if you're with the perfect person for you. No relationship is without hurting and pain.


Once you accept that... it'll be much easier to be prepared for it...


there is no way to tell who will hurt you / burn you etc... aside from the obvious red flags which I'm sure you'd know how to recognise by this point...

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You're 21, dude. Why even think about proposing now?


In my opinion, you're going about it the wrong way. The truth is, running into cheaters and liars is just a risk you take when you get into a relationship. Anyone can pretend to be a good person for weeks, months, sometimes even years. They're hurtful scum, and they suck.


On the flip side, there are also many genuine, caring people out there who give a lot of joy. You shouldn't put up a guard of past baggage because you could miss out on opportunities with these people.


I think you should give, be open and trusting. Just don't be naive or a doormat. Enjoy someone's company that makes you happy, don't distance yourself or look for warning signs that aren't there. You could end up hurting them.


And if they turn out to be crappy people, just pick yourself up and move on. Take it as a learning experience. If you find yourself repeatedly dating cheaters, you're probably gravitating toward them because you're attracted to a different trait in them. Stop and think of what they had in common, what the warning signs were that you ignored.


Getting hurt and rejected is just part of dating. It helps us learn, it makes us stronger. Don't let it make you jaded and hurtful to others.

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1. I would recommend a visit to the relationship section of your powells bookstore. Pick up a book or two on red flags and how to build a succussful relationship.


2. Trust your instinct.


3. You are young and you'll learn alot by trial and error!


4. Meat as many people as possible (not saying sleep with them) without strings attached and learn form every experience!


5. Don't date, love and be loved


good luck

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