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feeling like crap

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I honestly wish I could just vanish right now. It's impossible trying to get any homework done at home... and after last night (See previous post) I just wanna hibernate.


Does anyone else have such vivid memories of someone that when you think about "whatever", all of your senses kick back in as if you were right then and there...the person's smell, the way they felt, they way they touched you...even their voice. Just makes me shiver and it feels like my chest is being gutted.


I give up. I honestly do.

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Yes I feel that way a lot of times.

But please, don't give up. The memories are still fresh, so of course it's going to be painful. But give it time...


If you start NC, it'll help. The longer you go without talking to him and seeing him, the better you'll feel. At first it really hurts... but there's light at the end of the tunnel.


I'm sorry you feel so bad. I'm having a pretty bad day too. Hard to concentrate on my studies when he's all I can think about. I can still smell him.. it's weird.

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I've just hit 3 months of NC. Yesterday it hit me how long that is and unlikely to get back together. Then the memories start flooding back. The hard part is when things you do or see remind you of the ex. SOmetimes it just hits you from nowhere. Its very up and down and i can only take it day by day. Sometimes i am tired of the whole thing and wish "this game" would end. Ever seen sunshine of a spotless mind? wish all her memories could be wiped out of my brain. Wonder of both of us got our memories wiped, could we start from scratch all over again?


All i can advise is no matter how hard it is maintain NC and don't look back in that rear view mirror. It just won't do any good. think of yourself and what makes you feel good. concentrate on hobbies and take up some physical stuff. i joined a gym and got into shape and feel better for it. catch up with friends. basically do anythign to occupy your time, doing most things feel better than sat thinking aboiut the ex.

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