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what does this mean?


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We ate out last night (not a date or anything, just were too hungry to cook anything-we still live together). Anyway, he said he had spoken to his gran who asked if we were back together yet. He then said "Do you think we will stay broken up forever?", I said i didnt know then he said "I dont think we will". What does that actually mean? would it be wrong of me to assume that he doesnt want to stay broken up forever? Or is he stringing me along?

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I am sorry but this is silly.

Why are you asking us?

How do we know what he meant?

Ask him and you wil get your answers.

Can't be that hard. If he wants you to know what he meant and if he knows what he meant by that himself, I am sure he will be pleased to tell you.

Is it really easier to go online and talk about this than actually tackle it - me is wondering.

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Nature-we're all on an internet forum whinging about the same things, i ask because sadly, i have no idea how a male mind works. Other people have asked similar things regarding phonecalls and texts, and i thought people may have more of an idea. I just wansnt sure whther he might mean he wanted to get back together, or whether hed like me to stay there and wait until he decides what he wants

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I think he's checking to see what kind of reaction he'll get. Kind of throwing it out there to see how it lands. People want their exs to be sure they want to get back together and be sure of their love when they come knocking, but that's not always the way it works. People (even dumpers) are unsure of how they feel, should they try, will they be a fool..... I'd say think of it as a step in the right direction and if you have a talk with him, don't freak out if he admits he's not 100% in yet. Play it cool and you'll have a better chance of more commication about it. My 2 cents....

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Thanks for your responses. i asked him about this last week and he apologised for saying it and said he shouldnt have, then completely denied saying the part where he said he didnt think we would. Its stupid ebcause i know for certain that he said that-i remember it vividly. I know he said something straight after mentioning 'a year and a half' and im not sure whether this was some kind of time scale. When he said that i just told him that i wouldnt wait around for him forver.


We broke up because weve been having a difficult time-he got a job abroad and i wasnt too happy about it-it meant he would be awayf or most of the year, and also meant he wouldnt be here for our wedding date. so i said me or the job (which i now regret). he said he needed the job because he couldnt get work here etc etc, and explained it properly. he cried lots and said he didnt want to lose me etc. later that day i said i was willing to try and make it work. it took him a while to decide whether he wanted to (almost 2 weeks) as he thought it would make it more difficult when he went away. he eventually said he wanted to and we did, for about 2 weeks until we got into a big row and broke up. Now he says we cant get back together because we will hurt each other etc.

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Ooh, don't you just hate when they deny that they said something that you know they said? He's back peddling. So sorry he's doing that Tonid. but don't think you're crazy cause you're not! He said it but was probably just trying it on to see if it fit. My ex did that a lot.


The job abroad is definitely an obstacle to reconciling. It sounds like he's going either way. Can you handle it if he goes to another country to live? I don't know if I could handle a LDR. Everybody is different though so you might be able to make it work. When is he leaving? How much time do you have to change things around?

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well he ended up losing that job. He has been offered another similar one (for a diff company) starting in jan, but he says he doesnt know if he wants to do it anymore, (i think because he wont know anyone) so im not sure if he'll be going at all. i just dont undersatnd why hes doing this.

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