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A Difference In Maturity


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Hello, ENA. I'm a long time lurker and a first time contributor, but I wish to make my venture here fruitful. I will be making some topics on and off about my current relationship, but also about destiny and other exciting topics. Though, I do want my first contribution here to be insightful, as well as intellectually stimulating and extremely interesting.


We, as people, mature differently--as you all know by now. Some mature at very young ages, some at old ages, some even never mature, some only partially. These are all matters keen to the individual, and normally we would have no query pertaining to their own level of maturity, but at some point it does become our business.


When we enter a relationship we not only look at ourselves, but our partner. Their desires become our desires, their acomplishments ours. Can the same be said of their emotional and physical maturity? Their ability to cope with the motions of life, or inability thereof? I guess my point is that at some point our partner's situation intertwines with our own being.


My very brief backstory:

Now, having said all of this, my current predicament is a very worrysome one to me. I will start off by saying that I am 17 years of age, and my girlfriend is 2 months behind me in age. We have been dating for 3.5 months, and are exclusive and in a boyfriend/girlfriend status.


Now, I will ask for advice later, but this thread is a discussion over the effects of percieved differences in the level of emotional maturity between yourself and your Significant Other.


QUESTION: How has a difference (implied) in maturity affected your relationship, and how did you overcome/succumb to this obstacle?

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Well, here is a good example:


Mature: Agreeing with a break up and trying your best to move on from the relationship.


Immature: Breaking up with someone when they are stressed from finals, a new job, and a breast tumor. And---blaming it on them.


I know you probably weren't looking for an example of a break-up, BUT my last relationship was affected pretty badly by my ex's LACK of maturity. And, he was older than you!

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