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How do i apreciate my girlfriend


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It's pretty ballsy for her to complain that you don't 'appreciate' her after she firetruckin' cheated on you and you took her back. Perhaps she should consider 'appreciating' your forgiveness. Of course you don't look at her the same -she went, in your eyes, from being someone who had never and would never hurt you deeply, to being someone who definitely would, given the right set of circumstances.


If you really want to appreciate her, just deal with your resentments about the cheating. I"m positive you must have some. Truly forgiving her by letting go of these is the best thing you can do. One way to do that is to daily say to yourself, "perhaps this person is spiritually sick. What can I do to be of service to her today?" Another idea - pray for her to be given everything you would wish for yourself every day. Those are the only ways that I know to forgive and let go of resentments. Good luck.

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You cant really say that you have gotten over it if you have actually lost your appreciation for your girlfriend.


I think that despite what you might think, you are not over it. As much as you might not want to, you should confront her again about the incident, find out everything you need to know from her, tell her that she needs to prove to you that she will always be faithful. Because as long as you still feel she might cheat on you, you will never truly appreciate her.


If it helps, think about how you used to appreciate her before, and why you did what you did. Then try to figure out what has changed in the "why" aspect.

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