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I'm 21 years old with a huuuge crush on a 17 year old!!! ... We're always flirting, and he's really fun to be around .. and I dunno!! Is this wrong???


he's always facebooking me, and texting me and people we work with are starting to assume things haha but nothing's going on!!


Would it be wrong if I hungout with him??? ... is it wrong for a 21 yr old to like a 17 year old!!?!?! ...do I go further or stop here? ..lol help!

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Ya, hanging out is totally legal and since you are close in age, I don't think you would get turned in if you guys had sex.


Shoot, my SO and I have a 9 yr difference, so when he was 21, I was 12. Eeek..it's so creepy to think of it that way hahahahhaha, but ya...according to MY heart's math...you are A-OK.

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