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Asking questions.


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When I meet girls online I tend to ask alot of questions. For whatever I'll get pms on forums and messages in online games from girls and I just start asking lots of questions trying to get to know people. I like it because I don't have any strings attached. I can talk to a girl with the sole purpose of being friendly and talking to someone.


How does this translate to real life? The last time I had a gf, she was very attractive, and I was insecure and terrified of saying something stupid (I wanted to do things with a hot girl!) so I didn't talk very much. Before that I hadn't had a girl for about 3 years, mostly because of joining the military and all the crazy stuff that goes on when you join. I can't remember what I used to talk about on the phone with girls now, I guess I have a bad memory.


but would you think it was weird if I asked a lot of questions? Its always fun to talk to girls online but that's different because I know I'll never see them.

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Don't ask too many questions.


On a first date or a first meeting, girls want to get to know you better before revealing themselves. Therefore, you should talk about things like your goals, your history, your values, your family, your friends, your daily life, your preferences, etc.


Don't be shy of talking about yourself. Sometimes, on a first date, it's good to talk even 90% of the time. Occasionally, you want to ask her some questions to involve her in the conversation, but if she feels like she wants to speak, she will respond to your stories on her own.

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No, it's not weird unless you were asking me creepy, inappropriate questions like "Are you wearing panties?" or questions about sex, or my address and I just met you. Asking questions shows your interest. Just casually throw some things out there. It's important to share things about yourself too, but guys who talk mainly about themselves are a turn-off. A good conversation isn't one-sided. It's like ping pong the way you go back and forth. She should ask questions too if she's interested.

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It depends on the questions asked. If you are asking intrusive questions, it is off putting. If you are asking questions that are purely inquisitive and curious, that is typically okay.


I have to agree with this, keep it simple and honest. but also remember what may or may not be acceptable to women... If you're chatty and you enjoy it, there nothing wrong with that, women might even find that trait endearing.

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