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Its my ex's birthday today.


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I havent talked to her in about 3 months. funny thing is i bumped into her mom two days ago and never brought up my ex. It's been exactly a year for the break up, since we broke up 2 days before her birthday.


I really want to wish her a happy birthday. I just know it will show her I still care and just push me away from her. Im so helpless right now. ;(

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I see, I see. Well, it does sound like you're still hurting over this, so I say you shouldn't wish her a happy birthday. Honestly, I know she is waiting for you to come out and tell her that, so why not surprise her by not recognizing her birthday? Trust me, she'll start wondering and the best part, she'll start thinking of you.


Do you want her back?

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yes I want her back bad!!! When I saw her mom two days ago I didnt bring her up at all, i just asked how she was and how everyone was doing. it was really a strange situation, we both repeated our questions twice I suppose to see if we would both get a more detailed answer. hehe.

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we were together for a year, and then broke up for a year and a half. we got back together and we were on about 8 months and about 5 times I was in situations when someone form ehr family had mentioned marrying her to me. it was only 8 months and My priorities were mixed up. if it was not for this break up I would have never got my act together.


during this present break up I went over her house after about 7 months and we hung out for a month and a half. however she was very angry towards me. I have a feeling it was the scenario where the only thing that would she would talk about would be marriage and anything else would just piss her off. Ive read articles about this. when a woman is waiting for those words and does not get them everything and anything means nothing until the marriage question comes up.


I rememebr I told her daughter one night I wanted to marry her but not the way she was acting. the next morning I got a big kiss on the forehead and woke up to see her walking out of the bedroom door. i figured that morning her daughter told her.


I waited too long and we ended up getting in a fight because she kept saying how everyone thinks we are back together and we arent(not married) and she cant have me around her kids.


its soo complicated and what I have written can be miscontrued. fact is in her culture a man being around her house and family and not being married is looked down upon.

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