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Feeling depressed today - is it the weather?


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Just a vent really, feeling quite low today, I dont know why as I was really excited this morning because we are having a party tonight. Im at work and can't wait to get out to get organising. Also I am hating on the weather, its raining, whereas it has been sunny the rest of the week


Does anyone else's moods get affected by the weather?


I think I am due on aswell, anytime soon, always get moody and low around that time.


Maybe its just a combination of being quite hungover two days ago, the rain outside, and being at work when I've got better things I could be doing... I was really moody with my boyfriend earlier aswell....


sorry, just venting....

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Aaah totally know how you feel!


Same here!! I'm due on, I had last week as holiday and this week I'm stuck at work and it feels like a drag, me and my bf had had and argument last night, not a big one or anything and mainly due to my moodiness, which meant I woke up feeling upset, and now it's raining just in time for the weekend.


Yep, a mixture of little annoying things do this to me too, I feel your pain!!


x x

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lol, its horrible isnt it. I thought why am I being like this, it's Friday, just got paid, got a party tonight, but still I'm moody!!! I get well low a week before I'm due on and very moody aswell. Oh well, I'm sure later on I'll probably be well happy after a few drinks!


Sometimes if my boyfriend does not share my excitement about something, it affects me for the day! lol. He is looking forward to later on but when I mentioned about getting a pinata excitedly, he didnt sound too keen and it peed me off! lol


Hope you feel better later too!



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haha yep! Men can't say anything right when we're like this! God help them!


Hope you get that friday feeling when you finish work, listen to a couple of weekend tunes if you can while your at work this afternoon, that helps me sometimes!


Thanks! Have fun at your party! x

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