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Here are a couple ideas that helped me:


Look for a continuing education class at a community college or college in your area. That is what I am doing. I have been writing for a long time but never knew how to really get going on it. I found some interesting classes and signed up. My area offers workshops and semester long classes. The prices are reasonable because they are not for college credits. I am so excited to start my class on Tuesday.


Also I did a google search for "Writer's groups in _______" and came up with a bunch of writing groups that get together on a regular basis and offer community and support etc. You could check out link removed also.


Just a couple of ideas. Good luck with your writing!

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Write. As simplistic as that sounds, just do it.


Read. Nothing is more inspiring than reading something good.


Take risks, with both what you write and read. Go outside your comfort zone. Try things you haven't tried before.


Also, check out link removed. National Novel Writing Month is in November, but the boards usually have fairly decent activity year round. You can also set up your own novel-in-a-month challenge.


I would also suggest seeing about a class you can take at a local community college or something. It's a good way to meet people who are serious about writing.

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I always found the best writing environment to be in a workshop type of writing class. When you are surrounded by like-minded people it is much more motivating to work. And sometimes, I need someone to give me a bit of direction and structure in my writing for it to come out.


Also, reading books on whatever you like to write about. Read a lot. You start to absorb the good writing styles, especially from the authors you admire.


nanowrimo is great fun, but a ton of work! The idea is 50,000 freewritten words. Which is another good idea: use something as a prompt and freewrite nonstop for 10-15 minutes. It doesn't have to stay on topic, the main idea is just to get the words flowing and your mind connecting to paper. Your hand is more of a scribe to your thoughts.


And also what Victoria said. Write what you know, what you are interested in, or what you are passionate about. Often when I start out writing a piece, I'll have a deep interest in the subject, but I won't know much about it or won't have any idea what will come out once I actually start writing. It takes its own form.

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