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Anyone have experience with social anxiety disorder?

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IT appears I will never be content to just have two major problems (Asperger's and... something else. Physical). Now I am reading into social anxiety after I realised that my life at 30 officially sucks, because I've never grasped any opportunities. Because I was afraid to do it. Hell, see that 'I'm ugly' thread if it is still around, took years to put a picture up on the internet, where nobody really cares who you are.


This weekend I almost fell to the ground with shakes over a chance encounter with one of my neighbours using my parking spot where we live. I only told them quite straightforwardly not to park there, then bolted. I felt in complete fear for my life even though there was no objection and they parked elsewhere. The anxiety overwhelmed me and it isn't the first time, only the latest.


Anyways. The symptoms of SA (huh. That's AS backwards) that I have seen on various website checklists scare me, in how accurate they seem. I know there's some overlap with AS, so it is possible to have both in a way, but really, I need to know which or both I have. Have I been lying to myself all this time?


Most importantly though, I'm wondering if anyone here knows something about it. Specifically; I want to go to my doctor about this and ask for either further investigation (go see someone about a diagnosis, if those things even happen), or some treatment. Because I felt utterly weak and pathetic after that incident above. Well, it certainly revealed how my life is so lousy - as you might imagine, something real scary like a date, totally out of the question.


tl;dr - if I think I might have social anxiety disorder, how do I approach my doctor about it?

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well i think you definitely need to tell your doctor the situation. say that maybe you think it could be that, and see what he says about it... but definitely telling him how the situation made you feel is the way to go.. you shouldn't have to go through life like that..

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I don't have Social Anxiety Disorder buuuttt I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder which makes me very apprehensive about social situations.


When it first appeared, I thought I was dying and went to the ER. Well, after many tests I found out I was having a panic attack. Anxiety is very real, and fearful. The Dr. gave me some Valium and viola, I was fine! Well my anxiety kept persisting and I was referred to a Psychologist. Thats where they diagnosed me and I started taking Prozac.


The Psychologist helped a little, but what helped the most was a support group I went to weekly. It helped A LOT actually, to know that there are soooo many sufferers out there.


I still battle with it.I was fine for a few years up until this last May and the madness came back. I just started Prozac again, so hopefully things settle down enough to get back on track. I want to ultimately go to CBT therapy. I think thats the best treatment for anxiety disorders. I urge you, if you have the insurance to find a CBT therapist. I have heard remarkable things!


You may have to take some sort of medication..there is no reason to become such a prisoner!!!

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