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So I broke up with my ex-gf of around 2.5-3 years. We were on and off for the last year. She enjoyed the attention of me and another guy she met while we were dating, and it got very uncomfortable after a while. I broke up with her in the past about it, but never found the courage to move on, so I ran back after about 3 weeks of no contact (this happened about 2 or 3 times). She basically wanted, as what everyone is saying, she wanted to "have her cake and eat it too." This last time, I broke up with her because she lied about her contact with the guy so I went NC for 6 weeks ignoring her attempts to make me jealous or anything to get a reaction out of me. At the end of those 6 weeks, I bumped into her at the grocery store and she tried to ignore me and pretend she didnt see me. I didn't want to be a jerk so I went up and talked to her and asked how she was. She seemed rather upset/miserable and only answered the questions I asked her (ex: how are you doing; are you ready for school). And then 2 days later, she was involved in a car accident, a pretty big one at that, but not her fault. I called her and left a voicemail saying I hope everything was okay. She ignored it. I then sent an email saying the same, and she ignored it.


I feel so bad knowing that I can't be there to help her but on top of that she is ignoring me? I was hoping out of her accident, she would come to some realization about what she had with me in the relationship, but she just my attempts to help. Why is she doing this? and why, all of a sudden, do I feel like I'm back at square one. Should I try to help more? Should I just go NC again? I can't help but to feel sorry for her, about her looking so upset, and then injuring passengers in her accident.

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You failed your NC, you did not do it properly.... remember, after you have decided to go NC, then do it, no contact, NO means NO....


I had the feeling screwed when back to square 1, it was hell terrible an I want no more... I'm on NC now and I'll use all my will power to sustain it.. until I've fully recovered and move on.


Seems another NC is the best way that you can do, make sur you don't repeat your mistake by attempt to call her, email, or any other way. it for your own good and for hers..

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