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friendfinder.com - any good?


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I'm wondering if any of you have used link removed to meet new people or date or find a relationship. The prices there are surprisingly expensive - $39 for 3 months just for the silver membership.


Did you find the site helpful? Are there enough people on it and can you search effectively? Any info would be very helpful. I would be using it in New York City. Thanks very much.



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Oh no.. forget about Friendfinder.. that place is a mess!


Did you know they are affiliated with AFF.. Adult Friend Finder?


Those people are horrible, they will cut your throat in a heartbeat.. My friend was on there for awhile and the vile things they do to other people on there, just cannot be described...

Stay AWAY from that place...


I think you CAN though, just join for free and just chat or blog (the bloggers are the worst of the bunch though, very cliquey and cut throat)


Yeah. I cannot see joining a site such as that one and paying good money to them.. They are ripoff artists, that is all.

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AFF I've heard is just for sex and for people looking for specific encounters (like affairs, threesomes, to fulfill a particular fantasy)....I've heard the paying members have candid and sometimes raunchy naked pictures to indicate what they can offer or to seek out what they're looking for.

To each his own, of course, but I have heard it's not about relationships so if that's what you're looking for, there are other places.

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