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Quiet in bed


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I've always had this question and nobody to really ask it to until now. I've been with 4 girls, only 2 of them more than a few times. The two, were always real quiet during sex. They might make small noises that I thought were really cute, but I never got like screaming and yelling and all that stuff. Does this mean I suck? They came back for more, actually I'm pretty sure both of them only wanted me for sex, but I don't really think that means anything.


As for the other 2, i cant really remember I don't think I care to either lol.

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Just because they are not screaming and yelling like a porno does not mean its not good.


Just a guess because i am a virgin.


That guess is spot on.


A lot of the screaming and yelling is faked and if theyre just making little noises it means theyre REALLY enjoying themselves, not pretending

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I have been thinking, because of my fingering post in that other thread about bad or funny things said in bed. One girl, she would go nuts when I fingered her, but she never made a noise, only like, sharp breaths and she would grab on to me, and she sort of did this during sex but I'm not sure because its hard to remember..

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lol...I'm a screamer. cant help it...when I orgasm I'm all out...grabbing my bf, nails down the back, bucking and shaking...and yelling my head off. None of that is fake...trust me! In fact I didnt know how loud I was until my bf said something. When the orgasm hits me the last thing on my mind is how loud I am!


When I was younger like, 16 to 24, I was pretty quiet during sex too. Until you get really comfortable in your body and really comfortable with sex, I think we tend to stay quiet, unless faking of course. You can ask your partner to be more vocal and tell you if it feels good. You can ask her questions during sex, like do you want it faster? Do you want me deeper? Stuff like that and see if you can get her talking. But I think that overall, she's a little unsure of herself, you being a new partner and having sex in general. Doesnt mean that she isnt enjoying it, just means that she isnt ready to really relax and let go yet.

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Everyone is different, that's the ultimate answer regarding anything related to sex.


However, something else to consider: even for girls who are "screamers," if there are other people living in the house where you're having sex, they're probably not gonna be too loud. Even if you're home alone...if I know there's even a *chance* someone will walk in the house and be able to hear me, I pretty much won't make a peep (other than little quiet ones in the guy's ear ).

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some girls say they don't like to be loud because they feel dirty like a porno and have a problem with it. some say they don't like being loud because they don't want the guy thinking they are faking. i'm sure some girls are loud just because they are vocal. some girls are just straight up loud. means nothing.


i like loud girls, but not too loud. i think i make a lot of girls screamers just because i'm aggressive.....choking, hair pulling, slapping, grabbing, etc.

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