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i need HELP!!!


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i need a life so bad i hate everything about my life right now. im 21 and i dont have a job so im living with my dad for now. i cant get a job for nothing and i am trying. i just want want my own place and a car and a job.i just want money. im tired of being brok it sux. i wanna be independent, its driving me crazy. just living at my dads gives me anxiety cuz i feel like if im not looking for a job every second of the day hes gunna say something "oh well why arent you looking for a job" and kick me out. i feel like i cant relax and set my mind on what i really need to do. i want to get in my own routine, that way i believe i will have less stress cause im in control of everything. i dont understand why no one will hire me i dont have any felonys. but i quit my last 2 jobs. its not fair the way the system is, some people just live off the government and dont even have to work when some of them are more than capable of working. plus the economy sux right now so its even harder to get a job cause barely anyone is hiring. i dont know i guess im just venting but if anyone has anything to say that will help me stay positive please talk to me. i feel pretty good right now compared to other threads ive put up in the past. im tired of sitting around feeling sorry for myself. im ready to get out and do something with my life, please comment back.

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i dont really have much experience. the only 2 jubs ive had were fast food and i really dont wanna do that again. basically thats the only thing i wont do again. but if i dont find anything else im probably gunna end up doing that. im just tired of living off other people

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You could try some of temporary agencies to figure out what you like doing. I know some of them will send you to school and things like that.


Dont feel bad about needing help, in my opinion thats what parents are for. As long as your not sleeping all day and giving your all to make your situation better, I wouldnt mind helping my children.


Now on the other hand, if your sitting around doing nothing then thats a problem. I would feel like your taking advantage of me. We all have our little ups and downs during life, just dont let this one bring you down so far. Your just trying to find your nitch. Good Luck

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