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Need help girls :P


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Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum so please excuse any noobiness


I've been dating this girl who I really really love for 7 months now (living with each other for 6 months), and I'm determined to keep her mine forever


The problem is, I'm running out of nice things to do for her

She tends to spend a lot of time on the computer- researching whatever she needs to find out, and just generally keeping herself amused.

I find myself giving her massages to her upper back, shoulder, neck and head when I'm not sprinting to the other side of the house to make her a coffee every so often.

So aside from massages and making beverages, I've kinda run out of nice things to do for her


So I was just wondering.... do any of the ladies have any sweet things in specific that they're guy does for them while sitting at the computer? Or if not, please suggest some nice things I could do for her. She is the most amazing girl and she deserves the world...


Before I finish, she doesn't like having her nails painted, and there isn't enough room under her desk for me to give her a foot massage. So if those were your ideas, sorry


Thankyou all

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you sound adorable... your girlfriend is lucky to find a guy who is willing to do all of that for her and still wants to do more!


I think your already doing plenty for her..but other things might be (sitting at a computer can be limited n what you can do apart from shoulder massages!)


when you come home, bring flowers with you or maybe get them sent to her work.


run a bath for her with candles.


give her a hug for no reason or a big pasionate kiss when she isn't expecting it.


see if she can sit on the couch with you while on the computer (if she has a laptop) and cuddle, but while she's on computer and you watch tv or something.

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haha, it feels good now but watch out for the possible demanding attitude later because she might get annoyed that you are not a challenge and become cranky to see what she can get away with. Definitely do not reward with serving behavior if she throws a tantrum or becomes demanding.

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