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How many of you were...


Check all that apply  

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  1. 1. Check all that apply

    • I was an accident, defied the odds
    • I wasnt an accident, my parents planned my greatness
    • I Had an 'accident' child. (you know you're happy you did though!)
    • I planned a kid, and got one! how sweet is that?

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If you read what I was saying all along, I was talking about NOT using birth control. Most pregnancies occur when it is NOT used.


is that an actual statistic somewhere?

i mean.. when birth control isnt being used, how do you distinguish between the people who are trying intentionally and those who are using 'no birth control' as a form of birth control?

And then again pull out method while not terribly effective is still an attempt to avoid conception compared to blatantly cumming in someone. right?

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