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sexual innuendo


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hey I have recently started talking to this girl through a dating site.. I never date people on these things but this girl seems really cool and i see some potential.. our messages have been mildly flirty, please tell me what u think of this message...


"I like to ride motorcycles too. Cause it's the only thing I can ride right. No just kidding . You can call me a dork. I'd agree"


that was the last paragraph of her last message to me.. do you think its implying anything? I cant tell and im not sure how to respond

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Have you two been joking with each other yet? Does she have a sarcastic sense of humor?


Tell her you can't call her a dork nor agree on whether they are the only thing she can ride right until you've witnessed her riding skills first hand, maybe in other arenas.


Gives you a nice out if she gets offended too... "you know... horseback... bicycle..."

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