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i really need some help


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i'm so close to over the edge. ive thought about suicide over and over again. the only 2 things stoppin me is the fact that i know how it is 2 loose somebody 2 suicide and my bestfriend.

The only problem is my bestfriend is also the main thing pushin me over the edge. i fell inlove with her and she says she did 2. but she always rejects me and says she loves someone else.

I used to feel as long as she's in my life, even as a friend that i wuz still happy bcuz i love her so much.

But lately it's gettin worse. I cant stand to hear about how happy she is with someone else. I know how messed up that sounds but it hurts me so much more than i can explain. And I feel like she doesnt even care how i feel anymore, even though i give everythin 4 her.

I want 2 get over her but every time i try i jus get more depressed.

I dont know what 2 do.

Should i just stop contact with her and forget about her?

Someone please help. I'm about to fall over the edge.

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Tell her how you feel. You can't keep something like this bottled up. Pour your heart out to her and let her know what's going on. No matter what her reply is, know that you need to leave her be. Love is a drug, your addicted and you refuse to let go of that crack pipe because it brought you happiness. You have to leave it be and continue on without it, even if you still have feelings to her afterwords. I met a girl like that once, and 5 years later I still have some strong feelings about her. But now that I don't see her anymore I don't care as much. Once tell her how you feel and leave, everything will get better soon.

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He did tell her, and she told him she loves him - clearly as just a friend. Or someone who makes her feel good about herself.


She loves the fact you love her, she doesn't love you!


You're only 15 and in a few years time when you've graduated high school and have met new girls you'll look back and laugh. Trust me.


Here's what you're going to do: stop talking to her, maybe not suddenly if that'll make things awkward with mutual friends, but do your best to stop spending time with her and not contacting her via text or internet. Hang out with your other friends more and realize that they're probably cool people too and the reason why you think she's the only one who understands you is because she's built up in your head as someone who does, not because she really does.


Chances are when you stop contacting her she'll turn into a * * * * * and possibly even try to get closer to you because she wants that attention back. But when she gets that attention back she'll push you away again. Don't get pulled back - maintain your distance from her. Trust me.


You need to meet more girls. You'd be amazed at how many of these girl problems on ENA would be solved if the guys simply weren't so fixated on one girl and had given up on meeting others. When you realize how many other girls there are out there you won't hold your "best" friend in such high regard anymore.


Don't kill yourself over a girl, they aren't worth the trouble.

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I know how it feels to loose contact with the one you love. I met this guy online about 3 or 4 years ago and we started of as friends and then we both fell in love. We were like this for about another 3 years until i started relying on him for everything. I thought he was the only one who understood me, the only one that loved me, the only one who thought i was beautiful etc. i shut myself off from everyone and just conerntrated on him, thinking he was my whole world. it got harder knowing that i'd never meet him, never get a chance to hold him and eventually i grew so depressed it got harder and harder for me to talk to him. last year i attempted suicide over him and for a number of other reasons. That night in that hospital bed was probably the most loneliness night of my life. Thats when i thought i cant do this anymore look what its doing me its breaking me apart. So i lost all contact with him, it was so so so hard at first then i realized that time really does heal the wounds. I got my act together, i let people back into my life. I'm not gonna say i dont have feelings for him anymore cos that would just be a lie. What i'm saying is don't make the mistake i made, its not worth trying to commit suicide over. You'll break so many people in the process. just be strong.

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hey, i know how hard it is to let someone go when you know you should but cant, i try anything i can to get my mind off of that person, play on the football team, lift, run i try to stay active but no matter what any ones adivce is..youl still have to go home at night and sit in your bed alone..thats when you want someone or that person so bad i know. but your saying your close to suicide..man you got to let that person go. Just dig deep. pray everyday. i would recomend becoming active. it helps somewhat for a little bit of time. but i was 15 once. thought i never get over that girl back then. iam going to college now..got over that girl. and now i have to deal with a new girl. its life. just trust in yourself and pray.

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