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phone and is he just not that into?


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this guy asked me out but when I told him to call me he said he feels awkward on phones yet gave me his number. we talk occasionally and he flatters me. i read that if this happens he's just not that into you. is this the truth?


He asked you out did he not? One does not have to be a rocket scientist to draw from that the sensible conclusion that he is into you. I suppose he could be a manipulative jerk, but he does not sound like that sort of person and, if he was, he probably would not be intimidated by phone calls.


To be honest (and yes, I am bizarre), I am not a huge fan of phone conversations either. Considering that I have never called a girl I was interested in, I can only imagine that the prospect would be an unnerving one for someone like me. I would much rather see someone face to face, and am significantly more confident when doing so.


Sorry that I cannot offer any tangible advice. I just wanted you to be aware that he may be genuine and that there are a small group of us out there are mildly uncomfortable with phone calls.


you know, i might just call him myself and set up a time to meet. or you can call him at a time you're pretty sure he won't answer the phone, and leave a message and put the ball in his court.


Exactly what I would suggest. Give him some time or, if you are interested as well, give him a call and casually remind him that he was going to take you out. I cannot see any harm in that (and he will probably be rather relieved). The idea of leaving him a message is brilliant - it allows him to make the move, but should hopefully banish any doubts he may have about you being interested.


Good luck,


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I'm turned on by being strongly persued. If I'm being passively persued, I lose interest and it is a huge turn off to be the one to have to persue. I don't like to call.


If he hit on you first, than he should definitely be the one trying to pursue you.


I don't think I'm the "stuff" for liking men to chase after me, but it feels damned good to be chased after When he calls you a few times, and shows that he is strongly interested in taking you out and getting to know you, THAN start calling him.


I can remember when men loved a clingy woman, but these days, they need their space just as much as we do. If you start calling him, he will think you are desperate and need him.

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