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Just found out my ex slept with someone else.

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eeeeh! Just cuz he had sex with another girl, definitely doesnt mean hes moved on. Often after a break up it is a way to get over the ex, to make themselves feel good/sexy, to distract themselves from their thoughts/pain, to make their ex jealous, etcetc, you see, there are many different reasons why ex be with someone else so quick (you know the whole Rebound thing), so its very unlikey that he moved on and got over you....


My close friend's Ex, they were in a LDR, been together for over 3 years, then they broke up sometime last year. Just 5 months later, he was engaged with another girl.... but he took time to healing and moving on, just like everyone else after a break-up does, some heal fast, some heal slow..



Try not to thinking about it. It doesnt matter he slept with seomoen else, maybe he was drunk, needed female attention after your break-up, or was just horny. Im sure he hasnt moved on yet. But you also need to accept WHEN he get over you and starts dating other girls.... thats what comes with break-ups.


Try to distract your mind to other things!!! Go out with your girls, let them or your family comfort you, take time to doing things you love.. all break-ups are difficult but you will heal from it.

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Thanks brunettebarbie. I don't think he's over me yet. He and I have these two different classes that are right next to each other. He always arrives there before me, and I haven't seen him in days. But today was different; He was actually waiting outside the classroom door and as soon as he saw me walking towards class, he turned around and walk back to class. So I guess he needed a to see a glimpse of me, to see how I was doing without him?


I don't know. I don't understand anything anymore.

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