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Have you ever said you didn't...


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I'm not actually guilty of this to this degree... but I was in one of those situations where I was near the person of my interest--that I believed liked me--and heard her talking to her friends where she said "the only person who'd love him's his mom". I don't know if she was talking about me or what she was really talking about, but it made me wonder if anyone's actually said something like this to someone or to their friends when they actually do care/love that person and if even for a short while ended up with that person after all and why they did/would.

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Oh oops, you said that it is possible, my bad. Well, if you think she likes you and you have reasonable evidence to support that, then go with that and just assume that she was talking about someone else.


After all, you know yourself. Do you really believe that the only person that could love you is your mom?


And as for the second question, I am sure it is possible that someone could say that about someone and not mean it. In fact, quite often it is the case that those that we fight most with or say the meanest stuff about, are the ones that we really like the most. At least when it comes to love.


I wouldn't over analyze it. Just go with the flow and if she's spending time with you and hanging out with you, I am sure she wasn't talking about you

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