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How do i know if i love him?

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I split up with my boyfriend of a year about 4 months ago but a few nights ago we confessed to each other that we still had feelings. I always knew he still had feelings for me and he has an obsession. He got drunk and was in an awful state when he told me what the break up had done to him. I didnt want to tell him i still had feelings for him because i am quite happy being on my own but i did. Now im not sure what to do. When we told each other we ended up hugging but that was all and it felt so right. My heart had been aching to hug and kiss him all night but there are so many things wrong between us. He always used to want to see me all the time but i didnt, either i like being on my own or i dislike being with him. I dislike his family too. How do i know if i really love him?

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Hey, frightened.


Love is one of those crazy things that never has a set meaning. If you have doubts or regrets, I'd say it isn't there, though I am not one to judge considering I don't know exactly what caused the negative feelings. It's really hard to tell from my point of view. Gr.


Well, love to me is more of an internal feeling that you get. Not butterflies, not that feeling you get when you see someone after being away for a week. It's like, when you're around them everthing is bliss. Everything is perfect, you forget all your problems, the smile never fades, and every time it's the best time you've ever had. It's hard to comprehend in text, but I hope I was of some help.


Your friend, Brian.

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hello?,. as they say love is the most powerfull force of life,. it can bring down an empire and it can build a universe,. but really its on how you understand its true meaning and you see it trough,. it comes in many ways and in many forms,. its so powerfull that it can iether destroy or put you up,. in your situation,. i think being happy with him,. will be enough reason to say you love him,.

if you se him in your dreams everytime you sleep of if he cant get out of your head,. and if you keep on looking for him,. then you are really in love with him,,.

Whether we say admit it or not,. being happy is one thing important to us all, and you dont want it to let it end,m. and if that happiness fullfills your contentment, then its it,.although you are happy with your ownself,. but consider the feelings of being with him regardless of what ever reason,. if your ahppy alone,. but much more happy with his company, what do you think is better?,..

justify,. your perspective of happiness,. and see which makes your day,. bright,. dont let go of the most important thing that makes you smile,. well happy,.. if its him,. hold on with it,. and eturn to me for any development,.. ok?,.

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Hey frightened,


I completely agree with Brian here. He went down to the bottom of things. Love is an emotional state. I can't give you objective advice, because I don't know you or your b/f. What I do is speaking from my personal experience.


My suggestion is that if you have doubts, you break away. I believe that a relationship beginning with doubts is not really constructive. There's always insecurity. Of course I might be wrong, because I also know that people have to grow into a relationship, but my experience say 'no'.


I hope this helped you a little...


~ SwingFox ~

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