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Moving in together HELP


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Me and my OH are about to move in together but where having trouble agreeing heres the story............


We already have the house but as ive moved from darwin where just waiting on my furniture, now as ive lived out of home for years i have everything, couches dining table etc

For him this is the first time living out of home, well not the first his lived with mates before but first time in his own place.

The problem is his parents are moving to New zealand and are trying to give all there furniture to him 2 weeks ago he was just flat out telling them no, that i have everything and we dont need it now suddenly........his telling me where getting this this and this but the problem is we just dont have the room, im trying to compromise i know i cant just turn around and say no to all his stuff but we just cant fit anything in, its a small place and apart from the fact i have everything already his parents taste is big and chunky style nice yes but for a small place like ours it just wont fit.

I just dont know what to do about this problem.


Any ideas or tips would be great

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i have tryed to do that but he wont budge he just tryed to say theres room for it all, and its not really his stuff its things his parents are trying to porn off to him.


The dining suite for eg is a big 8 piece set and we just dont have the room for it even if we were to get rid of mine there just wouldnt be any room.


He seemed fine with it i said even if we put some of it in the shed and when we get a bigger place where it will fit we will bring it out, but then his dad turned around and bi$%ced about it going in the shed and now he wants it in the house. If u cant tell what his dad says madders to him.

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Tricky situation there Gardenparty... hmm


I think perhaps you just need to ask him where he intends to put it. It may sound rediculous, but just see what his mind is thinking of. Ask him where he wants it all.


Perhaps he's thought of something else?


(it's compramising )

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Your first house together should be filled with stuff that you picked out together. I think it's kind of easy of his parents to simply dump their stuff in your new house and I don't blame you at all for how you feel about it! Even if it wasn't chunky furniture, it's rude of them to not give you the opportunity to refuse.


Now it will come down to a big conversation with your bf, he has to understand how you feel about this. Maybe you can find a compromise and sell some things on ebay and keep other things.


And then, I don't know if you like that kind of thing, but when I was a student I had to live with VERY old and damaged furniture but I painted a lot of things I had and that really gave them a new life! A simple bright white (or whatever you want) can really make a chunky dark wooden grandma-table look like an Art Nouveau piece

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If his parents are dumping it on you they probably havent made any other arrangements so he probably doesnt get a choice. My advice is to take anything you have extra of, keep the best one, sell/donate the other.


Another option is to put it in storage or if your place has a shed, in there.


Edit: Sorry missed the bit about his Dad. He needs to tell his parents it just wont fit in the house and no amount of wanting otherwise is going to change that fact, his parents wants arent going to magically make your room bigger and if they dumped it on him, they have no right to whine about what he does with it. He needs to stand up to them and stop trying kiss their butts.

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