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  1. yeah, he has yet to answer me about why he did it. I don't think he is going to answer me. but you know what? whatever. I see how it is.
  2. if it meant something then it did but I wont think it did unless he tells me so Im not going to let some kiss get in the way of our friendship. And that's what it is, a friendship. D
  3. Hmm.. this guy and I have been hanging out for a while and he told me that he didn't want to be in a relationship. So, yeah...I respect that. A few weeks later I ask him why he doesn't kiss and he said it's something he feels he should only do with someone he's in a relationship with.. So yeah, I respect that. Then last night he comes and kisses me and I make this. "What?" face and he tells me not to take it personally. So I ask him.."why? Why did you kiss me?" He says because he 'felt like it..' and then.. "Do you want me to do it again?". Without an answer he does it again! I mean, I was still in a bit of shock.. you know.. and the next day I texted him after he went to work asking him... 'Why did you kiss me? I don't want to misunderstand your actions. I'm confused.' I really am confused too.. I haven't said anything to anyone because i'm trying to understand his actions. He hasn't texted me back yet (he's at work) and i'm not really too worried about it but unless I get an answer this kiss is going to be on my mind all the time because I don't understand it! And I hate it when I don't understand things.
  4. We don't have sex! It's just a few sexual things have happened and only twice in 6 weeks. I never looked at it the way you said it though, wow..
  5. I'd rather be ugly. \ I mean, I don't think i'm the most attractive person in the world but i'm very cute and adorable. o^_^o Recently I dated a guy for about a month..he was the man of my dreams, really he was. We got along well and he looked like..what I always dreamed of. Plus he had alot of land and I love open land. I want a farm. But recentlly.. maybe B.. because i'm single and i'm getting alot of attention from alot of guys. And because of where I work i'v been losing weight and I must say I am becoming more attractive..so maybe i'd rather be pretty and single. I think what most people want is to be inbetween... and happy. Thats what I want.
  6. For the past 6 weeks this guy and I have been hanging out alot. We're always texting back and fourth and he's always coming over to wherever I am to hang out or to party or to just fall asleep. We've had a few sexual encounters but it's nothing serious. He knows I like him, I've told him. As far as him liking me, I'm sure he does but all he has said to me is that he doesn't want to be in a relationship. I said OK, whatever. We can just be friends. But these sexual encounters took place after he stated that. And after these things happen he states that he didn't expect it to happen but he does enjoy it. So does he want a friends with benefits thing or is he still wading in the pool? I last saw him Tuseday morning and then I went to work, he was still asleep. Then Tuseday after work I went to bed from 4PM-8PM. When I woke up he had texted me about 5 times asking what I was up to and then if I was ignoring him and if something was wrong because I wasn't texting him back asap. I figured if he's so used to me being around him and then I don't see him for a few days maybe It'd trigger something in his head that he wants to be with me. I know he misses me, being around me and such, but I'm unsure of his exact feelings. And he wont kiss me because he feels that kissing is something you only do when you're in a relationship But sometimes when we're out he has a tendacy to wave his arms around. I'll get knocked by his elbow, very lightly, but I say OW and he'll kiss me on the cheek and comfort me. And today we were looking at fridges for his apartment and he says "We should buy this one" and I said "Excuse me, WE?" And he laughed. I'm very fond of him but I got other guys who want to be with me, not just around me. Am I fooling myself? Or should I just give it time?
  7. Well, it's all the same. I shoudlnt spend my money but I do. I shouldt screw up relationships but I do. I shouldnt eat what i eat but I do. I shouldnt smoke but I do. I shouldnt do drugs but I do. I shouldnt drink so much but I do. I shouldnt slack off but I do. Im selfish and irresponsable and always expect someone to get me out of a bad situation. I don't think about others, I dont care what other people think. I mean, everyone does things they shouldnt do...many can't help it. But I know better. I think about these things. But I do it anyway. With my childhood, my schools, college, life.. I wasted 13K in a month! 1 MONTH. I'm just..I don't think but I do. I know. I have tat knowlage bu I don't listen because I know everythings gonna' be...O.K.
  8. I've come to realize its not a big deal because I'm going to go about this the same way every month because it seems I go through a guy every month. I'm just saying it seems I go after a guy and I actually put time into a friendship and then when..it gets confusing and I go to figure out whats going on between us it backfires and I start all over again with someone new. I'm not..even phased by failure anymore. I'm just saying when i say there will be awkwardness between us..it's really only ME feeling awkward. I just don't feel comfortable around the person anymore. All I feel around the person is complete failure. I'm not able to be myself around them anymore because that sense of failure is just so..large. It's something my subconscious like...does on it's own... it just happens when I'm not meaning for it to and before I know it.. FAILURE and I have no idea why... Why did I * * * *ing mess up a friendship? I guess I kinda' want the problems. Stops my life from being so dull. I know right from wrong, I'm not stupid. I just choose the wrong things because they feel so right and so good. I don't know if thats how I really feel but.. it's what I'm thinking about this right now. I can't tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing...
  9. I know I should have! I have never done it before but I was just curious~ I'm never doing it again. I should have known without needing some kind of proof. I need to be more sure of myself >/
  10. haha Oh my! We do go out and drink and hang out and all that jazz. It's just.. he has not made ANY moves on to me so I am unsure still. The only thing he does is when he talks to me and only when hes talking to me.. he'll smile and raise his eyebrow while he talks and its so funny.. he only does it when talking to me. Is he just trying to make me laugh or..?
  11. maybe her phone is dead and she cant find her charger or she lost her old phone and got a new one and had no way to contact you besideds your # which she no longer has?
  12. Theres this guy i've been eyeing in the mall for a while and I finally decided to talk to him. Turns out we have alot in common and we think the same things are funny. Basically we're two peas in a pod. it's been about 2 weeks and we've been hanging out everyday but recently i've noticed the way he looks at me... We've never really DISCUSSED anything about relationships between us.. He always calls me and wants to hang out..so it's hard for me to know if he likes me or not. The other night I had to babysit him because he got too drunk. I decided to go into his phone while he was sleeping and I couldnt find my name in contacts. Insted I found my number under the name MY CHICK I mean, we havent discussed anything..he dun know i lookeds...buts...I think maybe hes going to ask me out or he feels like we're going out.. it hasnt been verbalized.. I want to ask him something but things are going so well maybe I shouldnt say anything about it But I need that reassurance, verbally. What's going on with this guy?
  13. Oh oh we arnt...doing anyting sexyal. I mean, we just make out. (Lol.. so funny saying that) and cuddle at night. I mean, he doesnt try anything on me and I dont try anything on him. I really doing thins it's that fast seeing as we've known eachother for about 2 months before wedecided to start dating. We're already comfertable with eachother as friends. And pervious night he's the complete oppsite of how he is now. But I guess ..you may be right. I'v already told myself that im not going to have him over for a few weeks. We're just going to go see the movies after he or I get out of work and that'll be that. I mean, I guess we do need to get to know eachother more before we can even take the next step in a relationship. I just dont understand how he can be one way at the beginning and then another way? I don't quite understand it. And thank you for welcomin' me!
  14. Well, my new BF really has this obsession with PEPSI. Earlier today I was buying some food and I saw a vintage bottle of PEPSI at the store I was at and I bought it for him. It's not really vintage, it;s just a PEPSI glass bottle of soda from INDAI. It was only $1.50 and he can drink it.. I just thought it was cool and it was pepsi. And his birthday is coming up soon so I figured that would be something he'd apprecaite. I mean, he also has an obsession with videogames but I dont think it's a good idea to spend 60$ on a videogame for a guy ive been dating for one week. Keep it small, simple, and cute. Something he can use and you know he likes!
  15. Hihi! I am 20 years old and my boyfriend of a week is soon to be 21. I'v known him for 2 months. The first few days we dated...we made out, ofcourse. We havent had sex and I told him I wanted to wait. He kisses me bye when he goes to work infront of his coworkers so I know he's not ashamed of me. I just have an issue with him.. he playes video games all the time. Like, last time he spent the night he played a videogame fro about 5 hours. I fell asleep two times during this. Then finally he woke me up so we could go to bed. Well, we went to bed. But his back was faving me. He didn't even cuddle me or kiss me goodnight or hug me or anything. He told me he wouldnt do anything to a girl unless she told him to.. and I have talked to him about this a few times. I told him to be more aggressive. If you want to do something..then do it. Because most likley I want him to do it. I also have told him that if I didn't want him to do something then i'd tell him. I don't want to tell him to kiss me or hug me or anything every time we're together. I'v expressed this too him but I don't know what to do about it. What should I do about this?
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